Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 *Friday Night Lights*

These are some pictures I found of Jonathon's senior year of football. Homecoming. The week before he had torn his acl during a game in Farmington. He didn't get to play most of the year but he went to every practice and dressed for every game hoping that he would be able to play. His last game he got to play the fourth quarter. The paper is what he wrote about his feelings about football and what it had meant to him. It made all those cold rainy nights sitting out there worth it. The bottom part are the words to a Green Day song. Very fitting.


  1. Oh, your journaling ROCKS this page....I think those words could be said about high school in general. It is a special time and one we don't get back. A time that while we're in it, we don't quite appreciate it as much as when we leave. And I LOVE that Green Day should be a high school graduation theme song. I've heard it played at many weddings too. Great job!

  2. Okay, Christine said it all! I totaly agree with her and how you really appreciate all those high school days once they're gone. AWESOME page!!!

  3. i'm gonna ditto the girls above!! I especially love how you did the title too!!