Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mom and Me

I couldn't do a page with me and my Dad and not do one with me and my Mom. My Mom is an awesome Mom. She lost her Mom when she was 15 and had me when she was 16. She raised five kids. She went through me having breast cancer in 05 and then lost my sister Christy in 07. But she stands strong. I draw my strength from her. The poems are one that I wrote for her on Mother's Day one year and one she wrote for me on my 40th birthday. The paper is Sassafras and the letters are Thickers.


  1. This is cool! You and your Mom sure can express yourselves. The poems were very touching. All this time I didn't know that we had the same birthday (I've just had it a little longer). Great job on the lo.

  2. Oh, my, tears are flowing here! How wonderful to be blessed with such beautiful poetry. You are both so very right, there is no bond like the one between a mother and her child. Fantastic job!