Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Challange *Blue Collar Comedy*

I actually think this could qualify for more than 1 of the Blue Collar Comedy guys but I picked Jeff Foxworthy. Just looked like a redneck thing to do. Jonathon and Tony have always managed to do some crazy things together. From jumping out of the loft in the barn to muddin under the 280 bridge to this day when they hooked up a shopping cart on skis to the 4-wheeler and pulled Tony around. At least Tony wore a helmet. The pictures aren't the greatest because they were taken with a phone but I think you can still get the idea. The paper is We R Memory Keepers. The letters are Thickers, Making Memories, and some cut out with my Slice. The tags are Stampin' Up.


  1. Oh, wow, that looks like it could get dangerous, but it's definately fitting for the redneck page :o) Love the tread tracks!!

  2. "That's funny, I don't care who ya are".
    Yep, I've jumped out of a barn loft, even mudded and camped under the 280 bridge, but pulling a shopping cart behind the four-wheeler...he out "rednecked" me on that one! :0) Does riding on a semi hood on a gravel road behind a truck count? :0)