Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding programs

I had been trying to decide what to do for programs to hand out at the wedding. I came up with a basic design and thought ok I could take it somewhere and have copies made and then I wouldn't have to print them all myself. So I called around and the cheapest I could find was 49 cents a piece. Well when you need 150 copies that adds up. So I printed them myself. One page at a time because the printer wouldn't take more than that. I used 4 different types of paper just to mix it up a bit and trying to find one that wouldn't jam my printer. Then embossed vellum on my cuddlebug and layered that on the top added a ribbon and wala. As you can see I have 4 done. What was I thinking?


  1. Oh Sherry! These are so cool and it will always be a treasure knowing you made them for her.

    {I have done programs for hire for weddings and printing them myself has always been cheapest and that way you can make sure the color is just right. Once you get a stack going it really doesn't take too long.} :0)

  2. Beautiful!!! Love them!! And I agree with Megan that once you get going, it should start going more smoothly.

  3. These are awesome!! The things I remember the most from my wedding are the items that were hand made!! Very cool!