Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Hope You Dance

Children are truely a blessing. Jonathon was here for lunch today. I explained my camera dilema to him and he asked to look at it. He says there just has to be something that can be done to this. So he gets on the internet and looks up the camera and what it is doing. Someone who had the same problem said hit it on your knee six times. He did it and wolah. I now have a good as new camera. Turns out it was something to do with the focusing. Now to share a story and a page about Stephani. When she was in grade school I had gotten her the book and cd "I Hope You Dance." I told her that was my song to her. Every time we hear it on the radio we say Oh our song. The other day I was going through a drawer of stuff and I found this note she had written to me. I'm not sure how old she was but I think she must have been pretty young because of the spelling and such. I thought it would go perfect with a picture of her and Travis' first dance. I have great kids and am really blessed to have them.


  1. Awwww, brings tears to my eyes....this layout is fabulous!! And so glad your camera is fixed :) woo hoo!

  2. Wow - that is great. That note is so sweet - and chokes me up. That has always been my song for Skyler too -- it was released the year she was born (you have good taste in songs) ;-)

  3. Sherry you have 2 of the sweetest kids! I can only hope my little "punks" turn out half as good as yours. :0)