Friday, April 9, 2010

New Space

I moved my stampin', scrappin' craft room this week. From the basement to the second floor. This was my daughter's room prior to her getting married. An empty room with windows and sunshine. Couldn't resist. About half way through I started thinking "What the heck was I thinking?" But I kept going and finally got it all done yesterday afternoon. I can barely walk now because my calves hurt so bad but what an awesome room I have as a result. The hurt will go away and I will be able to enjoy this room for a long time. Hopefully Steph will come home and scrap with me too.




  1. Oh my goodness -- this looks awesome!! (That octogon shaped window is so neat!) I feel inspired just looking at your room -- makes me want to go tidy my own scrappin room up!

  2. Holy cow! That looks so awesome!!! Enjoy the sunshine!!!

  3. wow!! Awesome space & look at all that light..makes me feel creative!!