Sunday, May 30, 2010


So Friday was my birthday. All I wanted was a Chocolate lab. We lost our other dog about 3 months ago. And living in the country I just think we have to have a dog. Steve would be quite content without one. But I have always had one. So we looked in the paper & checked online for weeks. Found one only to have it just sold right before I called. So as I was sitting in the Friday(nice way to spend my b-day huh) I was looking through the classifieds. Found a # that had chocolate labs. Little did I know that the very same morning Steve had checked online and seen the same #. By the time I got home he had called and gotten me my Chocolate lab. I was so excited. So yesterday we went and picked her up. She is adorable and just what I wanted. We had a chocolate lab years ago. I love them. So I would like to introduce you to Lucy.


  1. Awe!!! I love choc, labs! They are so beautiful! Happy belated bday!