Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26: Grateful to Have Survived Black Friday

Ok so I braved it this year and went out shopping. I guess not really the die hard that started at midnight and stayed out all night. But I left home at 6:30 and went to Steph's. I didn't want to drive my truck to the stores because of trying to park and didn't want to get it dinged up. Soooo I decided to put the first scratch/dent in it myself in Steph's driveway. Not a good way to start the day. But it could have been alot worse. That's what I keep telling myself. Anyway we went on about our shopping and we did find some good deals and got some Christmas shopping done. That is a good feeling to have it at least started. I am grateful to be back home worn out but nice and quiet away from the crowds.

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  1. I can not TELL You the last time I stayed up all night! But I got what I wanted, and so it was worth it! We had a great time!