Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29: Grateful for Brandon

Two years ago today was a very sad day for our family. Stephani's good friend Brandon lost his fight with testicular cancer. I got to know Brandon when they started Jr. High together. He made such a difference in our lives. He was fun, arnry, silly and loveable all at the same time. He found a lump when he was a freshman in High School but was to embarrased to say anything. He went through two years of sports pyhsicals without having the proper checks done. By the time he said something to his parents it was to late. He fought it for two years and there were so many times we were hopeful that he was going to be ok. And there were times that he was. But God needed others to become aware of this growing problem. My last time with Brandon was one night in Sept. I had to go at midnight and pick up the kids because they had a few problems. We had the chance to ride home just the two of us. He was so suprised that I was so willing to come and get them. I would have done anything I could to keep them safe. When he got out of the car that night the last thing he said to me was "I love you." I can still see him standing there and hear those words. That was a moment that I am so grateful I had with him. Now it is up to us to keep Brandon's memory alive and to make sure we spread the awareness of this problem. If you have boys make sure you talk to them about it. I know it is not an easy subject to approach but so very important. Brandon's parents did get a law passed in the state of Illinois. It is now being taught in the schools and Drs. have to do the proper physicals. That was Brandon's purpose. I am just so grateful that I had the chance to know him!!!! I love you and miss you everyday Brandon!!!!!

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  1. Oh Sherry! Wonderfully said! It sounds like he made a lasting impression on many people's lives.