Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grateful For Rockin The Attitude

Day 2: Today I am grateful for the special times I get to spend with Zachery. Although both of my kids are grown and have their own places I still get to be a part of grade school fun. My life was blessed by this little guy who I have watched since he was 3 mos. old. I am still able to be a part of school functions and parties which I thought would be over when my kids left grade school. He def. pulled this costume off. He is supposed to be a punk rocker and his quote to me the day of the party was "I like all the attention." And he told one of the other Mom's "You just gotta know what the girls want." Thank you Zachery for always making me smile!!!


  1. This is great! Love his costume & he is so blessed to have you in his life!

  2. OK, that is hilarious! Love the pictures and LO!