Sunday, February 1, 2009

And We're Off

We're off and going on to the next challange.This month will be fun as well. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. I think I am becoming addicted to this blog thing.
Ok try to control your laughter. This is the very first page I ever scrapbooked. When they said cut your pictures I took it very literally. I was at the time pretty proud of this page. Of course it helps that it is about the day Jonathon was born. I was pretty proud that day for sure.


  1. I can see why you were proud of this LO and day. I thinks it is fun to see the older LOs. What a blast.

  2. I love this! It is so fun to see everyones first pages and just how scrapbooking in general changes just as any style changes. It is fantastic!

  3. Hey, those pages look familiar...'cept mine are pink. I still love them though, because it tells the story.