Friday, April 24, 2009

May Challanges

Ok girls. Not to scare anyone but May 1 is one week from today. I had said that I would do the May challanges. I know that this time of the year can get really busy. Yard work, ballgames and just plain summertime fun. So I didn't know if you wanted to do a May challange or wait until fall. I have the challanges planned out so it doesn't matter at all to me. Do you want to take a look at them and then decide or just wait. Let me know. I don't care either way.


  1. I'm game, it is getting kinda crazy with nice weather and our schedules, but I'm with whatever majority decides. Thank you for doing May :o)

  2. hmm, since i am one that has fallen behind on Lisa's because of things being crazy, i vote for Fall, but i would try if everyone want's to do them now!!

  3. I can really go either way but I'm thinking lets do your may challenges (because I know you and Steph have been planning your challenges for a while) and then take a break. I'll go with what every you decide.