Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7: Grateful for Those serving in the Military

I have always known that my Grandpa had served in W.W. 2. But what I didn't know until his death in August was that he was a decorated veteran. He never told any of us that he had earned the bronze star and other medals while serving. He had lost all of them on his way home from the war. Upon his death and after seeing his discharge papers my cousins who also served in the Army got his bronze star replaced for him and were able to pin it on him during his funeral service. They were also able to get the Patriot Guard to escort him to the cemetary and the Honor Guard for his graveside service. I have to say I have always been proud to be his Granddaughter but I couldn't have been prouder that day. And was so happy that he got the recognition that he deserved but had never asked for. So in his honor and memory I am grateful today and every day for all the veterans who have served our country and all the active soldiers serving today. Our freedom is because of their sacrifices.

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  1. Awesome story and pic. So many veterans are so humble -- I have my Thankful for Veterns post ready for Thursday.