Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lynchburg & Old #7

If you ever find yourself in Southeast Tennessee make sure you take some time to go to Lynchburg and tour the Jack Daniels Distillery. It is pretty amazing how they still make Jack Daniels on the same property that it has been made for 100's of years. A small town of 316 set in the hills of Tennessee. It is sold world wide but made no where else in the world other than Lynchburg. They make 3 different kinds of Jack: The original Old #7 , Single Barrel and Gentleman Jack. Funny part of the whole thing: The county that Jack Daniels is made in is a dry county. So no free tastes. But still worth the time to take the tour!!


  1. Very cool layout -- Jack is a good friend over here!!

  2. Great layout. Jack has never been a good friend to me, but maybe we'll give it a go sometime again. :0)
    Too funny on the dry county part!

  3. Nice Job MOM!!!!! I know how much you love Jack and dad too =p