Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Merry Christmas

When I first started Scrapbooking I had to go in sequence to how things happened. Well thank goodness I am over that. I now look through pictures and if I see one that hits me at that moment that I want to scrap I act on it. This pic. was taken on Christmas Day. These 3 drive me crazy trying to get a picture of them. I just wanted one picture where they were smiling sweetly. Well this is the best one I got. I guess I could look at it that my life would be so boring if they weren't silly all the time. I love them all. They keep me going!!


  1. I was the same way! I used to drive myself crazy trying to stay in order. Ugh!
    Love the design of this page and how you did the "wavy" pieces. So cool!

  2. Thats why you love us!!! very cute layout!! I need to have pics before I can scrapbook them!lol.